Life and Fintech after COVID

At this moment, the world is facing one of its greatest challenges that many of us may remember. Little after 10 years since the financial crisis that swooped the markets with global impacts, we are now in the midst of a fight for global health.

But the financial and economic side of it cannot, and should not be ignored. Forecasts aim for a crash of corporate revenue, but remain optimistic in a post-crisis recovery. And yet, uncertainty seems to be the constant element.
While some investors may be tempted to bet on a rise, others may find themselves facing a reduced risk appetite. And Fintech can lend them a hand.

Being a sub-sector of finance born out of the last crisis, Fintech has blazed trails on a basis of flexibility and quick pivots, being able to roll with the punches more effectively than traditional counterparts. And not all Fintechs are alike, either. While some do operate on the side of higher volatility and possible returns, others seek to serve a more conservative crowd.

Iban Wallet“s products are designed having in mind an investing experience that is as smooth and stable. It“s for that reason that unlike other platforms, it has been able to process withdrawal requests as normal, there not having existed any general account freezes. They have also gone about introducing new investment products with 30 days, 90 days and 180 days terms (with projected interest of 2.6%, 2.7% and 2.8% respectively).

What the world will look like on the other side is still uncertain, as well as the place that all players will take on the board. But in a world where the constant is changing, a combination of adaptability and an offer aimed to be stable may very well position Iban Wallet towards success.

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